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Cove Guardian Campaign Director Scott West Denied Entry Into Japan

The Dolphin Killers are Desperate to Hide Their Barbaric Slaughter, Despite Claims of “Culture” and “Tradition” By: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Friday Harbor, WA Feb. 17, 2014 – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Cove Guardian Lead and Campaign Director, Scott West has been denied entry into Japan in an effort to […]

Taiji’s Dolphin Hunts Continue: 60-65 Striped Dolphins Massacred in the Cove

TAIJI’S DOLPHIN HUNTS CONTINUE; 60-65 STRIPED DOLPHINS BRUTALLY MASSACRED IN THE COVE YESTERDAY; RISSO’S DOLPHINS TAKEN CAPTIVE & SLAUGHTERED TODAY By Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians TAIJI, JAPAN January 28, 2014 – On the heels of the recent capture and slaughter of a megapod of 250+ Bottlenose dolphins that the world watched […]

200 Bottlenose Dolphins Held a Fourth Night in Cove; 11 More Dolphins Taken Captive Yesterday

Slaughter Expected to Begin at ~ 2 PM PT Today on Martin Luther King Jr., Day By: Sea Shepard Cove Guardians TAIJI, JAPAN January 20, 2014 – As we have witnessed the torture endured by 250+ dolphins in a cove in Taiji, Japan the past four days, as their families […]

200+ Bottlenose Dolphins held a Third Night in Cove

200+ BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS HELD A THIRD NIGHT IN COVE; SLAUGHTER EXPECTED TO BEGIN AT ~ 2 PM PT TODAY Tune in today at ~ 2 pm PT to watch the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian live stream at: http://livestream.seashepherd.org.   TAIJI, Japan January 19, 2014 — Five separate pods of Bottlenose dolphins […]

Sea Shepherd USA Seeking Submissions for its “From the Cove to Captivity” Video Contest

The Organization Has Extended the Contest Deadline and Increased the Prize for Winning Videos FRIDAY HARBOR, WA December 26, 2013 – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA is asking supporters to create a short video for its “From the Cove to Captivity” video contest and, as an incentive, Sea Shepherd USA […]