North Carolina

Underwater Obsessed: James J. Francesconi Reef Project

Being underwater obsessed in North Carolina means also having a complete and total addiction for the magical lore and exploration of shipwrecks. North Carolina holds the brass porthole to some of the World’s best diving and marine life habitat areas. Our mysterious “Graveyard of the Atlantic” is a proud heritage […]

15,000 miles down

January, 25th, Canton, PA–  *Apologies for not having any pictures this time around folks!  I’ll make up for it next time!* So, I haven’t been fair to you guys and gals.  I’ve been pulling my punches because it’s difficult to talk about your life in the first person, without either […]

Coastinista: Your Daily Cup of Coastal Conservation

Please allow me to introduce Coastinista, a new, and almost, daily cup of coastal conservation and eco-awareness here at Beach Carolina Magazine.    Let’s get right to it with your daily cup (pun intended today).  I was enjoying my morning cup of java this morning and it made me think […]

NC Planned Parenthood and NAF Support Gendercide in Undercover Tapes

Abortion Industry Participates in Real War on Women Through Search-And-Destroy Procedures on Little Girls Raleigh, NC – Today, Live Action released new undercover footage showing a National Abortion Federation (NAF) clinic in Raleigh and a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Chapel Hill advising women on how best to procure a […]