Loggerhead turtles

Loggerhead Turtles Win Largest Critical Habitat Designation in History, AL Coastal Areas

Loggerhead Sea Turtles Win Room to Roam, Habitat Protection   685 Miles of Nesting Beach and More Than 300,000 Square Miles of Ocean Protected in Largest Critical Habitat Designation in History                                                                                 ST. PETERSBURG, FL July 9, 2014 — After more than five years of delay, threatened loggerhead sea […]

Young Loggerheads Continue Their Journey

KURE BEACH, NC December 20, 2013 – A hidden nest, a perilous trek, a temporary home and a Coast Guard escort make the successful release of two loggerhead sea turtles by the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher quite an epic tale. The sea turtles began their journey in August […]