Nags Head NC

Los Angeles, CA July 24, 2015 – Noelle Cain (IMDb bio: is a producer on a new docu-series celebrating American Fishing Families who work the oceans of the United States! She is currently in search of multi-generational, commercial fishing families with 4+ family members who fish together, preferably off-shore. […]

Casting Call For New Docu-Series Celebrating American Fishing Families

“I’m Safe” feature lets people alert their loved ones with a push of a button Eastern NC, August 1, 2012 — The American Red Cross today launched its official Hurricane App, putting lifesaving information right in the hands of people who live in or who visit hurricane prone areas. This […]

New Hurricane App Brings American Red Cross Safety Information to ...

By Christopher D. Roberson Nags Head, NC – Tethered by 65 ft. of flying lines while strapped to a five-foot board, their parachute-shaped kites whisk them across the surf. Then suddenly, they leap into the air, fly without wings and land like cats. They call themselves kiteboarders. Chris Moore, kiteboarding […]

Wind Catchers (a.k.a Kiteboarding)

OBX Outer Banks, NC – Yesterday, leftover swell from the recent string of NE wind remained on the east facing beaches providing some really fun summer time surf!  The standard surfing crew had it in the morning when the swell was up and the tide was pushing near low with […]

Your Missing Out on Some Real FUN!