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Toes in the Water Parrot Head Club of Topsail: 4th Annual Phlip Phlop Bar Hop

TOPSAIL ISLAND, NC April 23, 2015 – The Toes In The Water Parrot Head Club of Topsail along with The National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Greater Carolinas Chapter will be holding the “4th Annual Phlip Phlop Bar Hop” on Saturday, May 2, 2015 between 2:00 – 8:00 PM. The Pub […]

14th Annual Cape Fear Independent Film Festival Announces Award Honoring Female Directors

WILMINGTON, NC Feb. 8, 2014 – In an effort to honor excellence in cinema, the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival is proud to announce a new category honoring Female Filmmakers.  The award committee for this film is being headed up by Karen Labbe, former winner of Best Local Film for […]

Famous Award Winning Movies Filmed in the Carolinas

By: Elizabeth Eckhart February 3, 2014 – Anyone who is a fan of humor has heard of Johnny Knoxville and his motley crew of pranksters. What may surprise some fans, though, is that his latest film, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa — which features Knoxville participating in decidedly un-grandfatherly behavior while […]

Randy Travis – Influence Vol. 1 Review

  There is no doubt about it – Randy Travis is back! Nashville, TN – Multi-Platinum and seven-time GRAMMY winning Randy Travis is releasing his 21st studio album, Influence Vol. 1. It is a winner with every song. Soulful. Reflective. Fun. It’s good to know he is back and doing […]

Vicki Lawrence – Comedic Genius and Emerald City Extraordinaire

  What would you do if a stranger came up to you and handed you a magic key? Let’s suppose it didn’t unlock a city, but had the power to take you on a fabulous journey; an excursion that carried you through some of the best exhilarating twists and turns […]

The Road to Angel’s Perch – Before Memories Fade

There’s something about a far-off, bellowing train whistle that swiftly lures a dreamer to chase its twisting steel tracks and smoky black billows into the most obscure whereabouts; all for the sake of a new adventure. The clanging of the bell with a shout, “All aboard!” sets one’s mind to […]

Country Music’s Sarah Darling Gets Beachy With “Little Umbrellas”

    Suitcase packed. Screen door close. Footsteps race.  Handle lifts. Door slams. Engine starts. Gravel flies. Cell phone crush.  He’s gone. Hello palm trees. Cruise the boulevard. Sun grows brighter. Convertibalize it. Turn music up. Tap out rhythm.  White sand. Blue water. Kick back. Pour some happiness. Ah, finally […]

Living Water Films – Family Entertainment Without Fear

Drag racer Joseph Jenkins stands with both feet planted flat beneath him, staring down the long black strip of asphalt. He can smell the smoky wood burning from a distant fireplace. He feels the morning’s heavy, damp coolness in the air as he listens to the roar of invisible charging […]

Music Hopeful Taylor Long – Young Talent, Big Dreams

Wilmington, NC – One after another, vehicles full of fans make their way across the dirt parking lot. The stadium lights have just been turned on and shine bright with anticipation. Every fan holding a ticket has been trying to get to the ball field tonight for the playoffs. Quickly […]

Living Waters Drag Racing Film “Adrenaline” Turns to Kickstarter for Finish

Wilmington, NC – Why do you think we love movies so much? Quite often we are reminded the next (hopeful) new blockbuster is coming soon with its intent to impede on a few precious hours and our hard-earned money, all in an amicable exchange for giving us a timeout in […]