Onslow County Health Department Opens New International Travel Clinic

JACKSONVILLE, NC June 23, 2015 – The Onslow County Health Department has a new clinic! Onslow County is one of the 17 counties in North Carolina whose Health Departments offer a complete line of immunizations and prescriptions to protect the health of those traveling abroad from diseases such as yellow fever and malaria.

Get vaccinated - Onslow County Health Department

One in four travelers reports an illness or other health problem while traveling. According to Jacob Farnsworth, Interim CD Nurse Manager for the Onslow County Health Department, “Immunization is one of the best ways to protect people from serious illness. We have a lot of international travel that starts and ends in our community, so we want to ensure that our residents and visitors remain healthy during and after travel. This is the reason that we worked to establish a travel clinic at the Health Department.”


The travel clinic is by appointment only. “We spend time with each traveler to determine exactly which vaccines and medications they will need. This will depend on where they are going, how long they will be there, what activities they will participate in, and what medical condition(s) they may have. It is important for people to come to the travel clinic at least a month before they travel to ensure their immune system has enough time to build up the protection from the vaccine(s) they will receive,” added Farnsworth.


In addition to immunizations and medications, clinic personnel will give information to each traveler about potential health threats, disease outbreaks, and travel advisories in the area they will be visiting as well as tips about how to remain safe and healthy during the trip.


“Speak with your primary care physician when planning to travel internationally, especially if you have any chronic health conditions. Very few health care facilities stock travel vaccines, but the Onslow County Health Department travel clinic is quick and convenient to use,” said Farnsworth.
The Travel Clinic is not able to see patients that are pregnant or under the age of 12 years old.


“People become sick when traveling because they are exposed to diseases that are not common in the United States. They can also bring the disease back home with them. We want to keep them from getting sick in the first place,” explained Farnsworth.
To schedule an appointment, call (910) 347-2154, option #2. Additional information about the clinic can be found at http://www.onslowcountync.gov/departmentnopb100.aspx?id=28725