NFL Draft

CHARLESTON, SC March 24, 2015 – As a sports fan myself, the NFL Draft is just as exciting as the season itself. When I say that to people who don’t see it as I do they always respond with statements like, “Its so boring though” or “I just don’t see allure to it.” I just have to simply express my interest in the Draft to them in a different manner so they can see it my way.

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NFL logoI get excited for the franchises and the stress filled decisions they have to make with these picks. Fans who follow the NFL know of all of the draft busts that have been made throughout the years. Everyone from Ryan Leaf to Jamarcus Russell to Akili Smith have all gone down in history as players that the teams who drafted them took a chance and failed miserably. This year, just as every other year, each team will be preparing themselves to not make a bad decision that will set them back in the further development in their team. Every owner and their coaches have been researching every available player and what they feel would be the proper time and place to draft them. On April 30, the culmination of all of that homework comes to fruition. I have always seen it as a three day event into the brilliant minds of your favorite franchise. Which positions need to be filled, who they feel can fill those positions best, build for the future or take a chance now…these are all of the questions that will be answered at the completion of this year’s draft yet again.

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Then there are the players that will be drafted this year. They are all just young college kids who haven’t been able to haven’t been able to provide for themselves yet. In one instant when they get that phone call, they hear their name called on stage, and they become part of a franchise their lives have been changed forever. Whether the first overall draft pick or Mr. Irrelevant they will all be making a decent salary, if not millions. Even though they will be more financially stable there is more to it than that for these kids lives. They become role models. People around the country will be watching them, looking up to them, and expect a lot out of them. Obviously not every player in the league is the model person they are asked to be but most are more than successful at this task.

These are the sorts of reasons why I always get so excited for the NFL Draft and on April 30th this year’s version will commence. Once Commissioner Roger Gooddell announces that the draft is open all 32 teams will begin the scramble and let the excitement begin!