International Animal Healer brings healing practice to Wilmington, NC

Christine Sullivan, an internationally recognized holistic animal healer and author, helps pets, homeless animals and rescues heal from trauma, abuse and more.

WILMINGTON, NC Feb. 3, 2015 – Certified Holistic Animal Healer and Reiki Master, Christine Sullivan has brought her animal healing practice to Wilmington and the surrounding counties.  Christine works with loving pet parents and animal rescues that want more than traditional veterinary care to help their pets heal from physical and emotional ailments.

Christine Sullivan

Christine Sullivan

Christine has been practicing in the area through house and barn calls, and has recently begun working with clients at the offices of Dr. Brad Kerr of Wellspring Holistic Veterinary Services, 3333 Wrightsville Ave.  Christine recently did a session for Dr. Kerr’s newly adopted senior dog, Murphy, after which he commented, “I am very impressed with your work.” Dr. Kerr reports that following the session with Christine, Murphy, is happier, more playful and less fearful.

Passionate about working with animals who are experiencing stress, anxiety and pain, physical and emotional trauma, cancer, surgery, behavioral and end of life issues, Christine offers natural animal healing services, such as animal reiki, energy healing, essential oils and medicinal plants and extracts.  Christine helps her animal clients reduce stress, anxiety and pain, improve immunity, behavior and mobility, heal faster, age with grace and live longer, happier lives.

Several rescued horses and dogs of Poplar Grove Animal Sanctuary and Paw’s Place Dog Rescue have been able to heal more readily from the trauma of being neglected, abused and homeless through Christine volunteering her holistic services for them.

Poplar Grove Project Director, Kitty Worthington, says of Christine’s work, “Our rescued horses Dollar and April have healed quickly since their sessions with Christine and are really coming out of their shells.  They are happier than we have seen them before, running, neighing and integrating with the herd.  We are so pleased with and grateful for Christine’s work with our rescued horses.”

An internationally recognized animal healer, rescuer and author of two books, 44 Days Out of Kandahar” and “Saving Cinnamon,” Christine has been healing animals in need since volunteering in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  She attained her certifications through a year-long training program in the United Kingdom with world renowned teachers, healers and mentors.  Ms. Sullivan’s books and rescue work have been featured by CNN, Fox News, USA Today, NPR, Dog Fancy Magazine and countless other national and international media.

Christine lived in Vermont for almost 30 years and practiced there before relocating to Kure Beach in 2013.  Healing sessions are available for your dog, cat, horses and other companion animals.  Christine donates healing services to shelter animals and a portion of book sales to animals in need.

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For more information about Christine’s holistic animal healing practice and her books, please visit her websites and Christine may be reached at 910-338-0511