Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Hello sports fans. I would like to begin by welcoming everyone to my articles. Today I would like to input my opinion on the Carolina Panthers and their chances not only this weekend but in the rest of the season. On Sunday they will be playing the Bucs with a 1 pm kickoff. As has been well documented, Cam Newton was in an unfortunate car accident earlier this week and will be sidelined with two process fractures in his back. That opens up an opportunity for Derek Anderson to have the starting position. Anderson played well back in week one leading the Panthers to a victory over the Bucs 24-17. That was Week 1. This is Week 15. Both teams have developed into completely different teams. For the Panthers, this offensive line has been groomed to Cam’s playing style and know his tendencies. They are going to have only half a week to relearn how to block for Anderson. For the Bucs, Mike Evans has become a star wide receiver who is going to dominate much of the attention from the Panthers secondary. They also have developed a tandem in the backfield of three different running backs that all have different play styles. I think both locker rooms have thrown out the game tape from Week 1 and have been viewing what other teams have done against the other instead of what was successful that they accomplished. I see this game potentially being a high scoring game that could come down to who has the ball last. My pick for Sunday is the Bucs coming out on top 30-24.

Carolina Panthers logo

This result could be devastating for the Panthers chances at a postseason berth. With New Orleans on the road at Chicago and Atlanta hosting Pittsburgh I see one of those two teams taking home a victory putting the Panthers a game and a half back in the NFC South race. A deficit that will be nearly impossible to climb out of with only a few weeks of football remaining. This weekend against the Buccaneers needs to be approached with an elimination urgency. Panther fans can only hope that Coach Ron Rivera has instilled a great game plan to help stop the wide receiver duo of Evans and Vincent Jackson and outgun these guys.

As for the last two weeks of the season it would be a great way to end if Cam Newton was healthy enough to play but if he suits up I feel all depends on the outcome of this weekend. If the Panthers come away with a victory and a chance to win the division and play in the postseason I could see Cam Newton back under center. A loss to the Bucs could sideline him for the rest of the year to heal those fractures in his back so he will be 100% at the start of next year and they would have a chance at a better season next year. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this article and I look forward to many more. Good luck Panther fans and happy reading Carolinians.