STATEMENT of UNC President Tom Ross on the 2014-15 state budget

CHAPEL HILL, NC August 7, 2014:


UNC President Tom Ross has offered the following statement on the 2014-15 state budget signed today by Governor McCrory:

Tom Ross, President of the University of North Carolina

Tom Ross, President of the University of North Carolina


“We are grateful to the members of the General Assembly for their attention to our needs and the tools that we have been given to manage our resources. There is a lot to appreciate in this budget, including the first new investment by the General Assembly for parts of our strategic directions initiative and the support of the New Teacher Support program.


“We continue to focus on our responsibility to produce a well-equipped talent force for our businesses and our communities.  Highly talented faculty and staff are critical to these efforts.  As other states continue to reinvest in higher education, our ability to recruit and retain the best faculty and staff will only get more challenging.  We look forward to working with the Governor and the General Assembly next session to address the issues that will hinder our State’s future competitiveness.”