Introducing Jorga, the MVP of I & I International K-9 Search and Rescue Team

“I & I Gives Law Enforcement, Corporations and General Public a resource to call when someone or something is missing”


WILMINGTON, NC July 16, 2014 –  Annually, more than 800,000 people are reported missing and entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. Of these, 85-90% are minors.


New Hanover County does not possess a full-time Search and Rescue Team to assist in the locating of missing persons and important evidence.

We are pleased to introduce Jorga…



Jorga, a Dutch Shepherd born February 27, 2013 in Morganton, NC is certified in Live Search, Building Search, Evidence/Article Search, Area Search and Human Decomposition Odor Detection (Cadaver Dog). She is able to locate a single drop of blood on a hidden gauze pad, smell teeth buried 6 feet under the ground, can locate submerged remains and is able to locate evidence as small as the casing of a 22 caliber bullet. “There is just not another dog like her that can go from starting a live search to finding evidence along that search should it be needed, to changing to a recovering if we find that’s the case,” said handler Randy Searls.


Jorga has been carefully selected and professionally trained as a dual purposed Search and Rescue K-9.   She is capable of successfully completing a track using an article containing the scent of the person to be tracked and is even capable of self-discovering the track. Jorga is trained exactly like police K-9’s, she is trained with police K-9’s and she deploys like a police K-9 with one significant difference. She is not trained to bite at the end of a track, she is taught to love and play. This K-9 will lick their face….not bite.

Jorga getting loving attention

This is especially critical when searching for missing children or elderly. She is also capable of locating human remains. Lisa Mayhew, MS, Child Death Investigator/Trainer, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Child Fatality Prevention Team, Department of Health and Human Services, North Carolina said, “For me, Randy and Jorga epitomize what it means to have a K9 partner and be a true team. He trains diligently and his work shows in the way Jorga handles herself in both working and social situations. She is a meticulous searcher and it is a true pleasure to watch them work, and I am so appreciative of the time and effort they put into finding the lost.”


To date Jorga has searched 23 locations, discovered two sets of remains including a recent search in Clarendon, SC………a quote from the Clarendon newspaper “ Jorga, a Dutch shepherd search dog with I&I International K-9 SAR Team, discovered more bone matter – ribs and bones – in her first five minutes of searching.” She has found evidence that has turned several cases for different law enforcement agencies….and she is only 16 months old.


“Jorga has always shown the desire to please. Her drives to work are only enhanced by her handlers drive to excel. We here at Bullocks K9 Training strive to train handlers and their K9 partners to live and train as if it was real life during every training session. Our motto is….train as if it were real and when it is real it will be like training,” said Mike Bullock with Bullock’s K9 Kennels…Jorga’s trainer.


I & I International Handler’s special skills include: Homeland Security Level IV, Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist, Certified Forensic Tracker, Certified Search and Rescue Tracker, Specialized Survival Training and Trauma Care, but most importantly is a Search and Rescue Investigator. I&I has been accepted to train at the NC Department of Justice and Western Carolina University. Jorga’s handler has training in Child Death Investigation, Interview and Interrogation, Comparative Osteology (Bone Identification) and Death and Decomposition in addition to the skills mentioned above.   This is what will make this team different from any other Search and Rescue team. I & I not only has the ability to search for whom or what is missing, they also have the ability to investigate the scene, properly interview all involved and professionally liaison with emergency and law enforcement personnel.


Jorga and I & I International are able to go and work almost anywhere without the jurisdictional restrictions faced by law enforcement. They do not have to wait a certain amount of time; they can begin an investigation and/or search immediately, if necessary….when the chances of success are the greatest.


I & I International’s K-9 Jorga currently trains with the North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and is the K-9 “on call” if a cadaver dog is needed in our area. Jorga is also the call out K-9 for the North Carolina State Ports, The Wilmington International Airport, the Wilmington Police Department, Leland, Navassa and several federal and local law enforcement agencies. Jorga and I & I have been referred to several other agencies in both North and South Carolina.


“K-9 Jorga and I & I International were an invaluable asset to one of the biggest investigations in the recent history of the Wilmington Police Department. The search assistance and ability of K9 Jorga was extremely accurate and saved us many man hours that could be dedicated to other areas of our investigation” stated Detective Cpl. Kevin J. Tully of the Criminal Investigation Division, Violent Crimes Section of the Wilmington Police Department.


The objective of I & I International (a 501c3Public Charity) is to be the first privatized Search and Rescue team in our area capable of deploying to a missing persons call as quickly as local law enforcement and will develop a Fast Action Search and Rescue (FASAR) team with an emphasis on finding lost children, adults and evidence bringing closure and peace of mind to those in need of their services.


Cat Warren, Associate Professor, Dept. of English at North Carolina State University and the author of “What the Dog Knows” stated “One of the joys of training dogs is not just working your own dog, but getting to watch talented dogs and their handlers. I always learn from them. Jorga and her handler Randy fall into that category. Jorga is enthusiastic and thorough. Randy is dedicated and professional. It’s a winning combination.”


Jorga and I & I International are valuable resources to our community, state and nation. The public needs to be aware that there is a local service they can call when a family member, friend, associate, partner or employee is missing locally or in another state/country.

I & I International is that company…located at 720 N. 3rd Street, Suite 101, Wilmington, NC….910-343-6892… If anyone would like to be considered for the team or would like to volunteer they may phone the office number or visit the website. I and I International does not charge for their services. Their efforts are supported through donations: