Record Crowds Shag the day away on the Beach at the 29th Annual Carolina Beach Music Festival

CAROLINA BEACH, NC June 10, 2014 – The sun was just rising above the horizon when the staff and volunteers of the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce arrived at the Historic Carolina Beach Boardwalk this past Saturday for the 29th Annual Carolina Beach Music Festival. And to their amazement, the line of customers was already forming to be the first on the beach for this annual rite of passage. Over three hours before the gates were scheduled to open, some brave souls had already staked their claim to be the first on the beach and the ‘owners’ of the prime real estate front and center.

29th annual Carolina Beach Music Festival

29th Annual Carolina Beach Music Festival

The record crowds kept coming and kept coming – at times the line stretched past the SeaWitch three blocks away. Everyone finally got on the Beach to hear the smooth Beach sounds of the top three bands in Beach Music today. The morning began with the familiar harmonies of the Band of Oz – the perennial favorites of every Beach Music Festival. .After 90 minutes of shagging bliss, we took our first break to give everyone a chance to catch their collective breath and to welcome our next great band.

Promptly at 1:00, the newly reformed Embers featuring Craig Wollard took the stage and delivered all of their classics with the crowd singing along. There was shagging, there was line-dancing and there was a very long conga line that went on forever. Closing out the afternoon was the ever-popular Jim Quick and Coastline. When Jim hit “Mama’s Been Drinking Liquor Again”, the crowd went wild. Jim was overheard saying “Out of 300 dates a year we play, this is by far the best Festival – It’s like coming home.”

With attendance in excess of 4,000, the crowds are the largest we have seen in many years. If you ever doubted if Beach Music was getting dated, this year’s crowd proved otherwise. Beach Music is alive and well in Carolina Beach and our crowds this year probably covered four generations of seasoned shaggers down to shagger “want-to-bes”.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, especially the Town of Carolina Beach Operations Department, all of our great volunteers and of course all of the Shaggers that braved the crowds and had an absolutely epic historic day for the 29th Annual Casrolina Beach Music Festival.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, June 6th to begin the 4th decade of Music on the Beach – See you there!