Twin Rivers Quilters Exhibition Stitches Together Folk Art, History

NEW BERN, NC Feb. 20, 2014 – The Twin Rivers Quilters Guild Exhibition will open at Tryon Palace’s Duffy Gallery this Friday, Feb. 21. Highlighting the convergence of memories, history, and craft through quilting, this beautifully-pieced show features locally-made quilts, and is free to the public.

Twin Rivers Quilters Guild

For over almost 200 years, quilts and quilting have been one of the key ways for American women to commemorate people and times past, and to preserve communities across long distances. This tradition comes to life in the Duffy Gallery with award-winning quilts that span five generations. Nearly 50 members of the guild have at least one quilt in the exhibition, each commemorating the color and design of American life—Native Americans, cowboys, Route 66— through personalized and intricate designs. Many quilting styles are represented as well, including the “bowtie,” “wedding ring,” “basket stack,” and “grandma’s flower garden.”

This exhibit also features unique examples of the Twin Rivers Quilters Guild’s service activities, such as donations to children’s hospitals, nursing homes, “busy quilts” for Alzheimer’s patients, and stretcher quilts. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see quilters demonstrate their skills and participate in a workshop to learn more about this unique art. Additional details about these workshops will be made available in the coming weeks at