Colton Leighton preparing to record and release his first EP, “Reconstruction.”

584_10153420936920029_1657285980_nHe is a 23 year old just like most others with one exception.  He likes videogames, football and WWE Wrestling.  His favorite team is the Carolina Panthers and his favorite wrestlers are Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels.  The exception is that he is one of the few talented musicians in the area who will be releasing an album soon.

Colton Leighton is a name that you should probably get used to hearing if you like live music and live in southeastern North Carolina.  He is a phenomenal talent that hails from Jacksonville and has been performing for the last two years, locally.  On the strength of a Youtube video of one of his songs, “Piece of You”, which got more than 8,000 views in a little under a day, he scored the opportunity to record an EP with Houndsound Studios in Holden Beach.  The upcoming recording, entitled “Reconstruction”, will contain 5 of his original songs and is due to be released in mid-February under his performing name, “Coltrain.”

“It happened overnight it seems. “ said Colton, “It’s surreal and it feels like my head is still spinning.”  His dynamic live show is fueled by what he says is about a 70/30 mix of original songs and covers that span a spectrum from hip hop and rap to ‘90s super hits.  He has taken a short break from his live shows in order to get the recording for his EP done but said that he has enjoyed sharing his music with people and is starting to be shocked by how regularly people recognize him off stage.  “I’m getting stopped at work and at gas stations and stuff, it’s really cool!”

Colton said that he’s very excited about getting to work in Houndsound Studios because it will be the first time that it is a “recording that wasn’t done in the back of my house.  I’ve got microphones stapled together and stuff.  These guys have incredible amounts of equipment.”  He was always really nervous about sharing his original songs until recently because many of them are extremely personal and he was nervous about the response.  Fortunately for Colton, the response was great.


“Being creative consumes pretty much every waking moment of my life,” said Colton, “and I really have to give credit to my friends and family.  They’ve been really supportive and encouraging.”  He credits a lot of his recent success to his grandmother, Rematha Ashford, who raised him and his brother after they lost their parents at an early age.  “She has always been the voice of reason in my life,” is how he puts it.  Along with his brother, who is attending school across the country, Colton was raised to keep a great outlook on life.  “No matter how incredibly bad or bleak things can look, as long as you keep trying to make the best of it, good things can happen,” he said.

“Reconstruction” will be available on iTunes and on Colton’s website, in mid to late February.