Living Waters Drag Racing Film “Adrenaline” Turns to Kickstarter for Finish

Wilmington, NC – Why do you think we love movies so much? Quite often we are reminded the next (hopeful) new blockbuster is coming soon with its intent to impede on a few precious hours and our hard-earned money, all in an amicable exchange for giving us a timeout in our head and short interval of escape.  Most of the time, we want to be entertained by an enticing story line that shows the characters weaving in and out of love, danger, or thrills. We want a break from our own problems, at least long enough to eat through that barrel of salty, buttered popcorn. Although we may not admit it, we like those stories a little bit more that motivate us, make us feel better about mankind, and give us soft, warm fuzzes by the time the credits roll. We repeatedly root for the underdog, even if the ending is one you would expect. We still want that win for them – and invariably, for us.


Adrenaline is just that kind of movie; one that will have you cheering out loud for the (nearly) defeated. In its characters, you will find someone that touches that part of you that relates to who you are…What drives you… motivates you…. What holds that carrot on the end of the stick in front of you. You’ll find that throughout the events of the story, you will connect with each new scene, whether it’s from what you know about yourself, or from something you believe could be the worst case scenario.

Yes, Adrenaline will take you there.

Adrenaline comes from the very heart of the south – drag racing in a small coastal town, a seemingly unrecoverable disaster, and one bad boy turned good; all for the sake of your soul. It presents a frightening consequence and still comes away with a victorious result.

Gregory Alan Williams from the T.V. series "Arrested Development"

Gregory Alan Williams from the T.V. series “Arrested Development”

The characters are played by people you know, like John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazard; Gregory Alan Williams, from Remember the Titans and the T.V. Series Arrested Development; and Charlene Amoia, from the T.V. Series: How I Met Your Mother, The Mentalist, and the movie, American Reunion. There are also a few that you might not recognize – yet. Actors such as Anthony Reynolds, a native North Carolinian; and Myke Holmes, both of whom have done a ton of acting already. Then you have the film’s focus, Joseph Jenkins, played by Michael Rosander, who may not have as much face time in front of the cameras, but don’t let that fool you. This guy has it – the looks, the talent, and the know how to emblazon this story into your heart.  By the time the credits start to roll, Rosander will have pulled you through an entire encompassment of emotions – from pity to frustration; and finally, to endearment.  In other words, you will love this kid by story’s end.

Finally. An encouraging story with a light at the end of the ….. – drag strip; and one you won’t soon forget.

There is just one small problem. Adrenaline is not quite finished, but it is very close. They need your help to complete it and distribute it out to the masses. An effort to raise the money it needs has begun on Kickstarter, which is an artist’s fundraising platform for projects such as this. Living Water Films, the mastermind and creator behind Adrenaline, is seriously asking for your help. If they don’t make their goal, they lose what has been donated already. That’s right, if you don’t meet your goal on Kickstarter within the specified time frame, you lose everything that has been pledged already. It goes back to those that donated it.

Michael Rosander and Charlene Amoia filming at Coastal Plains Dragway

Michael Rosander and Charlene Amoia filming at Coastal Plains Dragway

Living Water Films wants to change people’s lives and believes that can be accomplished with this engaging, family-oriented movie.  They’ll take whatever you can pledge, even if it’s only $1.00.  There are rewards, too. You’ll see a listing of them on the right-hand side of their page, which tells you what you are eligible for according to what you give. You will also find an extended recap of the storyline, pictures and video of the film, a message from the actors, and Adrenaline’s official music videos including John Schlitt’s “Take Me Home,” all on their Kickstarter page.

Living Water Films wants to finish making this movie. You can be a part of the making of Adrenaline, too, just by donating.

Please go to their Adrenaline Kickstarter page by clicking HERE.

Look for a personal interview with Joseph Q. Simpkins, creator of Living Water Films in Wilmington, North Carolina; and Del Baron, Producer of Adrenaline through Living Water Films, coming shortly to Beach Carolina Magazine under our Entertainment Circle.

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