The Eagles Live in Concert Greensboro Coliseum November 16, 2013

About The Eagles:

History of the Eagles - live in concertThe Eagles came together in 1971 when Linda Ronstadt‘s manager, John Boylan, recruited Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner to back her up on tour. The group also called in Don Henley on drums and The Eagles was born. Not only did they back up Rondstadt on tour, but they also appeared on her album Silk Purse in 1970, which is technically the first recording the band ever appeared on as a group. In the same year, the band was signed to Asylum Records and released their first album, Eagles, in 1972. Eagles contained the hit single “Take it Easy,” along with popular songs “Witchy Woman” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” These singles remain well known today, which is a testament to the lasting popularity of the band. The Eagles catapulted into stardom after that and found themselves at the forefront of the Southern rock movement of the 1970s.

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The next album by the band, Desperado, came out in 1973 and was a concept album that explored the relationship between rockers and outlaws. Due to its lack of pop appeal, Desperado did not chart as high as Eagles did. Some songs from the album have developed lasting commercial impressions, including the title track “Desperado,” “Tequila Sunrise,” and “Certain Kind of Fool.” The Eagles’ next album, On the Border, was released the following year and climbed to Number 17 on the Billboard charts. On the Border contained The Eagles’ first number one single, “Best of My Love.” The band’s next three studio albums, One of These Nights (1975), Hotel California (1976), and The Long Run (1979) also reached the pinnacle position on the charts. They featured the number one singles “One of These Nights,” “New Kid in Town,” “Hotel California,” and “Heartache Tonight.” The singles “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Take It to the Limit” even made it to the Top-Five charts. All of these songs still see a lot of play on the radio, even 30 years later.

After the release of The Long Run, The Eagles reached a breaking point. They spent most of the next tour threatening each other and bickering on stage. Despite selling many tickets for their shows, The Eagles were unable to work together any longer. The band was finished after the release of their Eagles Live album in 1980, and each member tried his hand at a solo career. It would be 14 years before they were on stage together again. In 1994, The Eagles came together for a massively successful reunion tour called “Hell Freezes Over.” Guitarist Glenn Frey said, “For the record, we never broke up, we just took a 14-year vacation.” The Hell Freezes Over live album reached the top position on the album charts, and the reunion tour boasted sold out tickets and packed venues across the country.

Since their return from “vacation,” The Eagles have been creating new music and selling tickets for The Eagles concerts as if they had never broken up at all. Perhaps their time on hiatus created an even wider fan base than they might have otherwise had. It is difficult to find anyone who has never heard “Hotel California,” “Desperado,” “Heartache Tonight,” or “Take It to the Limit.” In addition to the classics that fans of all ages love to listen to, The Eagles are still putting out great music. The band released Long Road Out of Eden in 2007. Additionally, the band has branched out to embrace a new generation of fans, with “Hotel California” appearing in several iterations of the Guitar Hero games.