LB Dantzler Explains The Bieber Fever

BSB-12 LB Dantzler vs. Alabama.jpegColumbia, SC Feb. 22, 2013 – Fans in the ballpark for Opening Day last Friday were surprised by one Gamecock Baseball player’s choice for his walk-up music. Third baseman LB Dantzler went with a choice one might expect more coming from a pre-teen instead – “Baby” by Justin Bieber. His unique choice even made him the winner of our Twitter poll during the game for fans’ favorite walk-up song. See a full list of the team’s walk-up songs here.

Dantzler explained that he wanted to do it last year, but with it being his first year he was a little nervous about pulling it off. This year he decided to go for it.

“I figured it would be something funny, that fans would get a kick out of it, and just keep everything light,” Dantzler explained. “A lot of times I can’t even hear my walk-out song so I’m not concerned with picking something to pump me up. Into the season I wouldn’t really get pumped up by the same song anyway. Just something fun for fans.”

The song seemed to be successful as Dantzler crushed one to right field for a home run in his first at bat of the season (also the Gamecocks’ first run of the season!) and made all Gamecocks “Beliebers”.

“I think it could have been an omen. I think I need to keep it. I have the fever.”