Author Marilyn Bowen “Siblings and Secrets” Book Signing Event

Due to unforeseen circumstances, author Marilyn Bowen’s March 9th, 2013 book signing event at The Book Cellar, located at 106 West Courthouse Avenue, Burgaw, NC, has been cancelled. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your time.

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For more information, contact Terry Cordingley at 888-361-9473 or

WHEN: 3/09/13

TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Book Cellar, 106 West Courthouse Avenue, Burgaw, NC 28427

WHAT: Bowen, a resident of Wilmington, NC, will be available to sign copies of her book, Siblings and Secrets.

Siblings and Secrets - cover

In a realm divided into the Northern Kingdom, with those who fear and despise magical ability, and the Southern Kingdom, with those who openly practice and revere magic, a tenuous bond keeps the peace.

When Geoffrey, Duke of Mysta in the Northern Kingdom, discovers his ne’er-do-well brother Jerome has been challenged to a magical duel by Lord Damon Tyler, his youngest sister Sarame reveals she has arcane powers and can teach Jerome how to use his new abilities. Geoffrey then reveals his own powers, which he had kept secret, due to the Northern Kingdom’s anathema of magic.

When pirate Captain Stephen Mason of the Southern Kingdom finds himself in Geoffrey and Sarame’s company, he decides to divulge his knowledge of Zarcon’s prophecy and his own magical skill. Armed with this knowledge and power, Captain Mason and the Mysta siblings attempt to change the course of the future foretold.

Will they be able to outrun the prophecy? Is Sarame really the sorceress foretold? Find out in Marilyn Bowen adventurous and exciting saga, Siblings and Secrets.

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