The Head Game Movie Puts Hockey and Concussions on the Feature Film Map

N.C. Producers Leverage Current and New Tools to Launch Film Fundraising

Durham, NC Feb. 21, 2013 – Chieko Alice Films, LLC, a Durham, N.C. based company, recently launched a campaign to raise funds and support for their latest feature film: The Head Game.

The Head Game

The film features the story of two professional hockey players, talented brothers, whose lives are altered by a concussion one brother delivers to the other during a playoff game. The Head Game takes you through the struggles the brothers now face, i.e., how the resulting head injury affects their friendship, their family and how both now fight to continue to play the game they love so much.

The Head Game features sports and family drama surrounding a concussion, an issue attracting a lot of recent attention in sports and beyond. This opportunity has also garnered interest from talents such as Jane Merrow, Paul D’Amato, Darryl Baldwin, and NBC Hockey analyst Bill Patrick. The Head Game has the potential to appeal to a variety of film and sports fans, particularly those who favor high-quality production and a new movie perspective on a current issue.

In addition to relying on traditional networking to raise development funds, Chieko Alice Films launched a 45-day Kickstarter fundraising campaign for The Head Game on February 14, 2013. Learn more by visiting the film’s website at

About Chieko Alice Films, LLC:

Chieko Alice Films, LLC (Chieko Alice) is an independent film production company specializing in film development, marketing/PR, and digital media services. Chieko Alice provides development services for independent film producers, including marketing design, distribution, and fundraising strategies, with a focus on films in the early stages of production. Chieko Alice also produces its own slate of film products specializing in family drama, science fiction, sports drama, and TV series.


For more information on The Head Game, or if you would like to schedule an interview with LaMont Johnson, founder and CEO of Chieko Alice Films, LLC, please contact Jeffrey Johnson at (919) 624-1295 or

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