Surf City Health Care Management Classes

Surf City, NC Feb. 20, 2013 – Surf City Community Center is pleased to announce that local Registered Nurse, Roxanne Noble, will begin offering monthly Health Management Classes.


Surf City Parks and Recreation, Surf City North CarolinaRoxanne has worked at University of Virginia Medical Center as Head Nurse of Clinical Research, Inova Medical Center in Washington, D.C. as Clinical Research Nurse for Solid Organ Transplant and as Director of Senior Medicine for Loudon County, Virginia.


She now works with individuals and families teaching them how to live with and care for conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma, Neurological Disorders and Alzheimer’s.


Roxanne is passionate about educating people about their health conditions and medications and how to effectively talk with their doctors to get what they need from the health care system.


Roxanne’s first monthly class will take place on Monday, February 25th at 10:30am. The focus will be on blood pressure. Come learn about what blood pressure is and why pressure readings are so important. Roxanne will also discuss the treatment and prevention of blood pressure problems.


The class will be an open forum for learning, asking questions, and interacting with a knowledgeable Registered Nurse and Certified Care Manager.


Cost for the classes is $10 for Surf City Community Center Members and $15 for Non-Members.


Pre-registration is required. Please call Roxanne at (910) 685-6515 or email her at

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