2013 Brings new kits and new sponsorship for Charleston Battery

Charleston, SC Feb. 15, 2013 – You might have heard the saying, “look good, play good.” With new Nike designed jerseys and a new multi-year partnership with local software company, SPARC, the Charleston Battery are definitely going to be looking good this season.

2013 Charleston Battery Home Jersey

2013 Charleston Battery Home Jersey


The Battery and SPARC will unveil the 2013 season jersey at 1 PM on Friday, February 15 during the Carolina Challenge Cup media lunch at the Three Lions Club in Blackbaud Stadium. The team will debut the jerseys in their opening match of the Carolina Challenge Cup on Saturday, February 16 when they take on Major League Soccer’s Vancouver Whitecaps (7:15 PM, Blackbaud Stadium, Daniel Island).


The Battery’s new jerseys feature the traditional black and yellow vertical stripes with SPARCET cleanly defined in black and white across the chest.


The partnership with SPARC marks a new age of communication and a new age of Battery soccer with the intent of building the Charleston Battery’s new interactive web presence and actively expanding the Battery’s digital reach. This will allow the team to span further than before hopefully reaching new fans and supporters across the region. SPARC’s peer-to-peer employee recognition software platform, SPARCET, is used by nearly 1000 companies to build engaging cultures and strengthen relationships within communities.


About SPARC:

SPARC is a software development company creating engaging, forward-thinking technology while putting customers, employees, partners, and the community first. With offices in Charleston, South Carolina and Washington, D.C., SPARC provides software development services for the government and commercial sectors, and develops commercial software products for the executive leadership, human resources, green energy, analytics, and mobile markets. Come by for a tour and see SPARC’s award-winning culture for yourself, or learn more at www.sparcedge.com.



SPARCET is a free recognition application that provides pure, unfiltered employee recognition across an organization. A Sparcet is a virtual “great job,” “nice going,” or “thank you,” and a way of letting someone know you appreciate them. Sending a Sparcet takes less than a minute, and provides personal and public recognition for employees across an organization. More than 25,000 Sparcets have been sent by over 600 companies worldwide. Learn more and get started for free at www.sparcet.com.

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