The Raleigh Report by Representative Phil Shepard – February 14, 2013

Representative Phil ShepardRepresentative Phil Shepard

NC House of Representatives

300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 301H

Raleigh, NC 27603-5925


Raleigh, NC – Happy Valentine’s Day! This week has been very busy here in Raleigh as we are nearing the end of the second full week of session. On Tuesday evening I attended the North Carolina Tourism Day Reception, Tourism Loves Back, at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. It was great to see items from all over the state. This week I was able to meet with a group from the department of Tourism from the Onslow County Chamber of Commerce, specifically Donna Hammounds, Elliot Potter, and Donna Carter. It was great to have them stop by and spend time talking to them. I met with the NC Associations of County Commissioners concerning transportation issues.


I had the honor of making presentations to both the Southwest Onslow High School Soccer and Football teams to celebrate their state championships! Congratulations again, I am proud of you!


Senate Bill 4 passed through committee on Tuesday morning and then came into the House floor this week. This was a difficult decision to make, but we all understood that we needed to make a change to make sure that North Carolina is able to pay back the debt to the federal government. We think that this is the best solution for the problem. We have worked with Governor McCrory’s office and the Governor released a statement on Tuesday morning stating his objections to an expansion of Medicaid and a state exchange.


House Bill 8 passed the House this week and will be sent to the Senate for consideration. The Bill proposed an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution regarding eminent domain. If enacted, property could only be taken by eminent domain after just compensation is provided to the property owner. A similar bill passed overwhelmingly in 2011 with broad bipartisan support.


Senate Bill 14 was unanimously approved by the Senate and passed in the House on Thursday. The Bill increases the opportunities for students to receive a high-quality career and technical education and be better prepared for the workforce. House Bill 51 is the companion bill for Senate Bill 14 in the House and it was addressed in the House Education committee Tuesday morning. This bill will direct the State Board of Education and State Board of Community Colleges to develop strategies to prepare students for occupations that are in high demand, such as engineering. High schools and community colleges will share resources such as instructors, facilities, and equipment to help meet this objective. Many students choose to pursue a higher education, but not all. This legislation ensures that all students are prepared for jobs and makes sure they have the skills they need to succeed.

God Bless,


Rep. Phil Shepard

Committees for the 2013-2014 Session

Standing or Select Committee Status
Appropriations Vice-Chairman
Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation Chairman
Commerce and Job Development Member
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Regulatory Reform Member
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