Charlotte Bobcats off the Court: Byron Mullens

By Caroline Sikes
February 11, 2013

Charlotte, NC Feb. 11, 2013 – This week for Cats off the Court, I caught up with Byron Mullens, who recently returned from his ankle injury. We lightened the mood as he gets back into the swing of things.

Byron Mullens - Charlotte Bobcats



Other than playing basketball, what would be your dream job?
I don’t know, sit on the couch and make money? (he laugs) No, probably coach. I love coaching when I’m back home during the summer around the high school level.

What was your favorite video game growing up?
Oh man, I had a lot. Probably Crash Bandicoot, Mario Cart… the old Nintendo was the best.

What is your lucky number?
I don’t know, seven?

Are there any songs or artists that are guilty pleasures on your iPod?
Not really. I usually just mess around with the guys and play my country music on the bus and everyone looks up. They already know where it’s coming from, so that’s pretty funny.

What are your top three favorite candy bars?
Snickers, Butterfinger and Twix.