Hank and Jed Movie Pictures has launched Kickstarter Campaign to bring back Doraleous and Associates

Wilmington, NC Feb. 2, 2013 – Fans from around the world have been longing for another season of the animated, comedy series, Doraleous and Associates. North Carolina based Hank and Jed Movie Pictures has launched their Kickstarter campaign to do just that. In less than 24 hours, they have already raised over $16,500 which is 21% of their goal. With 59 days left to reach their final goal of $75,000, they need the support from right here in their home state.

Doraleous & Associates

“We realize that there are more important causes to donate to,” says animator/director/actor Brent Triplett. “But if you enjoy our show, and can spare a few dollars, we would certainly appreciate it.”

Based on the first 24 hours of fundraising, it looks as though another season is in high demand.

“I didn’t expect that sort of number in the first day,” says Nate Panning who plays Doraleous. “It makes you feel good to have made something that is dear to so many people in so many different parts of the world.”

In 2009, Doraleous and Associates’ first two seasons originally launched on the Internet. Since the show is much more labor intensive than some of their other animated series, Hank and Jed cannot afford to rely strictly on views to make the show happen.

If anyone would like to donate to Hank and Jed’s Kickstarter campaign, visit:



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