Flambeau Outdoors Storm Front Decoys Introduces Widgeon Decoys

Flambeau Outdoors™ Storm Front™ Decoys Introduces Widgeon Decoys
Most Realistic Widgeon Decoys on the Market

Available July, 2013 – The storm continues in 2013 for Flambeau Outdoors™ Storm Front™ Decoys with the launch of their new Widgeon Decoys. Carved by World Champion carver, Tom Christie, Storm Front now holds the most realistic widgeon decoys on the market.

Flambeau Outdoors™ Storm Front™ Widgeon Decoy Model 8024SDU

Flambeau Outdoors™
Storm Front™
Widgeon Decoy
Model 8024SDU

Each 6-pack includes two amazing life-like sculptures; an active drake and an active hen. The Active Drake and Active Hen both boast a premium size spanning 14 inches in length.

Storm Front Widgeons feature an innovative keel design including center tie points which allow added motion on light wind days. A depth adjusting eyelet also allows hunters to change water depths without excess decoy line while a secure strap weight location eliminates tangling of line.

UVision logoThe paint schemes were developed utilizing patented UVision™ Technology (US Patent 7,966,764) matching the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including ultraviolet.

A new proprietary polymer blend yields a hard, tough “battleship” feel and unsurpassed paint adhesion and durability ready for years of use. These battleships will fool even the wariest of birds and further proves it is “Realism that Gets Results” in the marshes, lakes, and fields.

Model 8024SDU; MSRP $49.99.

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* UVision is a trademark of Twilight Labs, Inc. (Fargo, ND)

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