Speedway Children’s Charities Teams Up With Britax USA To Provide Free Car Seats and Strollers to Young Mothers

Charlotte, NC – The Charlotte Chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities (SCC) joined forces with Charlotte-based Britax USA, a leading manufacturer of child safety seats and strollers, to help make life on the road safer for young mothers and their children.

Tuesday, Marcus Smith, president of the Charlotte Chapter of SCC and general manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway, presented 81 car seats and strollers donated by Britax USA to the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Gastonia, N.C., a nonprofit organization committed to helping women, men and families in crisis pregnancy situations.

Charlotte Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities

(Right to left) Charlotte Chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities President Marcus Smith and Executive Director Lisa Starnes, in partnership with Charlotte-based Britax USA, donated 81 car seats and strollers to Crisis Pregnancy Center (Gastonia, N.C.) Executive Director Dr. Ancil Overbey III (back left). The first three car seat recipients were (left to right) Tiffany O’Brien, Elizabeth Silvers and Stacey Matheney.
Photo: CMS Photo

“Speedway Children’s Charities is really focused on helping local charities, people who are doing great work like what’s happening here at Crisis Pregnancy Center,” said Smith. “Today’s donation represents about $20,000 worth of car seats and strollers, courtesy of Britax.”

Dr. Ancil Overbey III, executive director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center, said it was hard to put into words the impact the donation would have on clients receiving the donated items.

“If you could put into words the smile on their face and the joy of knowing that those kids are going to be safe, you can’t compare that to anything,” Overbey said. “To walk in and see the wall of car seats and strollers – over $20,000 in high-tech equipment. We do this all the time; we’ve done car seats for years, but we’ve never had a blessing like this.”

During the presentation, Overbey introduced three clients who received the first three new car seats. Among them was Tiffany O’Brien, whose daughter is due in three weeks.

“With me not working and having troubles with my health, this helps out a lot,” said O’Brien. “Knowing my daughter is safe, that’s my main concern.”

Members of the Crisis Pregnancy Center staff who are trained in car seat installation were on hand to help properly install the seats for the three recipients.

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