SECCA’s “J-Term” Intern From Hollins University

WINSTON SALEM, NC Jan. 28, 2013 –The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) has had the rare pleasure of currently working with an intern who writes poetry about Medieval saints and who sees contemporary art through the lens of building on the statements of artists who have gone before.

Johnna Henry

Johnna Henry

Johnna Henry, 20, is a “J-Term” (January Term) intern at SECCA from Hollins University.  Hollins is located in Roanoke, VA.  Johnna describes Hollins as “a beautiful, historic women’s college right off the Blue Ridge Parkway.”


SECCA Executive Director Mark Leach says, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Hollins University on our intern program. Johnna is a remarkable young woman whose talent has been evident during these few weeks.”

At Hollins, Johnna is a sophomore with a double major in Art History and Creative Writing.  As part of her job here at SECCA, she has used her talents to update SECCA’s blog.

Johnna says, “From what I know about contemporary art, I love that it constantly stretches the boundaries of art while simultaneously leaving us with an important message.  I hope to continue to discover more of this over the next month.  I’ve been intrigued by contemporary art since high school but have yet to come across it in depth in my art history education.”

A few contemporary artists that Johnna admires include William Kentridge, Cai Guo-Qiang, Kiki Smith, and Wolfgang Laib.

Johnna is hoping to build on her experience helping in SECCA’s programs and curatorial department.  Currently, she is considering curating as her future career.  Johnna is developing an eye for not only the medium, but also the message in the works of the artist currently on view at SECCA: Frank Selby and Vibha Galhotra.

“Overall, my passion is communicating.  I feel that writing and art can work hand-in-hand to reach people with varying perspectives.  With so much information coming at us daily through new technology and the media, I feel that contemporary art makes us stop and seek understanding.  Just the act of stopping is a gift.”

She feels that the campus of SECCA is a treasure—with a lake out back and plenty of trees. “I’ve felt right at home in Winston-Salem even though this is my first visit here.”

Johnna is a native of Jackson, Miss.  She attended high school at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Ridgeland, Miss.

To find out more about internship programs at SECCA, please contact: Deborah Randolph, SECCA’s Curator of Education at (336) 397-2108 or visit SECCA online.