Welcome Newest In-Arena Host Lyndsay Rowley

By Eryn Gradwell
January 26, 2013

Charlotte, NC – Lyndsay Rowley is joining the Bobcats game action as the new in-arena host. She is diving head first into the entertainment with halftime shows, season ticket holder interviews and fan interaction. I sat down with Lyndsay to give her a big welcome and give fans an opportunity to get to know our new Bobcats host.

Welcome Newest In-Arena Host

Welcome Newest In-Arena Host

Welcome to the Bobcats! Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?
I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I just moved down here actually! Packed up everything I had in my Mini Cooper to my life down here.

Well we’re so glad you’re here! What were you doing before this?
I was doing sideline reporting and color commentating. I actually went to High Point University where I played volleyball, so that’s what initially brought me down here. ┬áThis past Fall I started doing sideline reporting for Time Warner Cable in Columbus and color commentating for Sports Time Ohio for volleyball.

What did you major in at High Point?
Communications and Marketing. I switched my career path about a year ago, got an internship with NBC and everything kind of rolled into where I am now.

So have you been focusing mostly on volleyball recently?
For the most part, I’ve been doing football. That was what I was hired to do, and then volleyball was just icing on the cake because I knew it really well! At the same time, I’ve been getting my Masters. I was a graduate assistant at Ohio Dominican University for coaching volleyball. So I’ve been really involved with football and volleyball, those have been my sports so far.

How did you hear about the Bobcats?
I love basketball! I had to choose between volleyball and basketball to go to college, so it’s been a sport that I would love to report. When I interned at NBC I got to report a little bit on it, but not as much as I’d like. I put some feelers out in the NBA and heard that the Bobcats might be looking for a new in-arena host and a position on camera. Everyone here was so nice and so cooperative, so I came down for an interview and the rest is history!

What do you know about the Bobcats?
I’m a huge Ohio State fan, being from Columbus. So the very first thing I did was look up who went to Ohio State and saw that Byron Mullens went there for a little bit.┬áSo I was already like, “Okay, I got my player!” I know they’re not doing so great right now, but they’re young and there’s always room for improvement.

Now aside from your on-camera skills, do you have any special talents?
I was a college athlete, but that’s about it! I got to go play volleyball over in Greece. I did that after my sophomore year of college. I was actually supposed to go play professionally in Italy, but I got injured and wasn’t able to go. That’s when broadcasting came along. I couldn’t do something and not be in sports. I grew up on sports. My mother has been a college coach for 24 years. I can’t just not be around sports, so that’s why I switched from the business side to the on-camera side.